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Movies are the ultimate night dates for most couples.

But there are certain movies that one should avoid watching with your Significant Other.

Below are 10 movies that you are better off watching alone.

Read on to know the reasons.

Gone Girl

It is an adaptation of the Gone Girl novel by Gillian Flynn and the movie will screw with your head. It leaves your partner second guessing your every move. Your partner might start to feel unsure, and it can leave an uncomfortable after effect. But, it’s worth watching alone as it has a gripping narrative.

Sweet November

Sweet November looks like a romantic drama, but it has twisted moments. For some, it might seem like a heart-wrenching story. You feel sorry for the schmuck who gave his heart to a person who hid her illness. It is a good old fashion ‘cry your heart out’ kind of movie but avoid it with your Significant Other as it could lead to unnecessary conflict and arguments.

Magic Mike

It might be considered best to steer clear of watching Magic Mike if you can’t stand watching your partner gawk at super attractive people. Watch it alone for a thought-provoking drama thta unfolds between great dance routines.


This movie is full of conflicting interests and God forbid if you and your Significant Other have strong opinions. The concept of adultery is the main point of discussion where one might wonder how much of a big deal it is. That’s where the difference of opinion occurs.

The Good Girl

There might be fights regarding Jennifer Aniston’s character and how right was she regarding her dull marriage or being swept off her feet by another man. A solo screening is needed if you are Jennifer’s fan. Her role in the movie is refreshing compared to the typical romantic comedies, she’s always a part of.

Away From Her.

This movie has an exceptional script and incredible acting. It’s not a ‘feel good’ kind of a movie. The circumstances in the movie are kind of a rude wake-up call to couples who might think they’ll live and die together.

A Perfect Murder.

The number of betrayals in this movie makes it hard to point out which one is the worst. Is it the wild affair or the deadly retaliation to it? This movie is fuelled with passion and every character has their own eccentric way to deal with the situations. Watch it alone so that there is no discomfort between you and your Significant Other while witnessing so much deceit.

This Is Where I Leave You

In this movie, there is a family and every member of the family is messed up one way or another. There’s poison filled in their warped relationships. The drama may affect you. Watch it alone to retain sanity.

The Gift.

This movie is satisfying and unsettling at the same time. The gnawing sensation about what’s right and what’s wrong just screws your head and sends you on a mind trip.


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