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I often wonder why do people cheat in a relationship? Is loyalty that expensive that people can’t afford it? There’s no point in cheating because, in the end, everyone is a loser, the one who’s being disloyal, or the person someone is cheated on; everyone loses in the end.

There are no good reasons to cheat, so it’s better not to. And if you’re cheating on this note that the relationship is sucking your happiness and not working out, there are other ways you can end it.

My article here focuses on why do men cheat on women? And what are the factors involved?

PS- The reasons mentioned here are my personal views.

They’re born liars.

Well, this is not true in all cases, but in most cases, this applies. And this is true for women too but since women being disloyal has a bigger stigma and is more shameful; therefore this fear makes women cheat on men less.

Feeling of insecurity.

Deep down all men consider themselves to be losers, therefore to make themselves feel better they use porn, flirtation and build up extramarital relations.

 He’s probably immature.

He’s considered that as long as his consort doesn’t come to know about his other relation, he is not hurting anybody. He forgets the fact that his partner will eventually find out what’s been going on, and when that happens, it won’t be so cool.

 He is shattered.

He may have his past experiences that are not allowing him to commit to another person. The gravity of the experience has left such an impact on his mind that it makes him seek sexual pleasure outside of his relationship as a way to escape from his emotional and psychological pain.

He expects a lot of things from his partner.

His better-half may be juggling multiple things and may not be able to satisfy him emotionally and sexually. Therefore, he feels entitled to seek intimate attention elsewhere.

He is probably confused about love.

He fails to fathom the value of relationships. Therefore the visceral attraction is gradually replaced by feelings of long-term commitment, loyalty, and emotional intimacy.

 He is addicted.

Under the influence of alcohol and drugs, his decision-making skills get affected, and it dis-inhibits him. So, he uses sexual activity as a way to escape from uncomfortable emotions.

He is tryig to give you signals.

He probably wants to end the current relationship, so he is deliberately using external sexual pleasure to give his wife or girlfriend ‘the message’ without having to be direct.

 He lacks social bonding.

He fails to maintain his relationship with his old friends and tries to find happiness from a single person. And when the partner is unable to do is, he finds happiness from external sources.


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