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“And in the end, we were all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Relationships are all about loving and fighting. Sometimes it can be, “Your Friends Are So Inappropriate” fight, “I Can’t Read Your Mind” fight, the slamming of doors or the punching at walls.

But have you ever noticed these kinda couples have one thing in common that they still stand by each other? Because in the end, none of your arguments will make sense. It will be all about how well you moved on from that conflict and started it all over again.

So, to all the fighting and arguing couples out there, this is something that I want to tell you… it’s simply OK not to agree with each other every time. And here are some important tips and points you should always remember if you are in a committed relationship.

Who doesn’t want a perfect relationship?

“I want him to hold my hand in public.” “I want her to stop gazing at other boys.” “I wish to have a partner like this.” “I wish my couple bae should do this…” We want the smiling, kissing, laughing, and holding, we want it all. Yes! We think it will be all like the perpetual honeymoon stage.

But as soon as we get into a real relationship…

We realize that it isn’t what we thought it should be. We get disappointed, we get angry, we feel disrespected and end up being frustrated by the reality of love. The actuality is if you’re truly in a relationship, you need to make some compromises and have to make some concessions.

Now the good news…

What all you need to run a relationship?

Though it is true that arguments in a relationship improve it, but like everything else, balance is a necessity. Here the balance means one should know the difference between necessary and unnecessary arguments. Plus, if you’re really going to quarrel, keep in mind that there are several healthy and civil modes of doing it.

Now let’s see how fighting is good for a relationship…

By fighting, the couple finally ‘communicates’

We all know that arguing bring out the worst in us. But did you ever thought that it also brings the best in us?

When we argue, we try our best to express ourselves and that is what a relationship calls. When you say, “I don’t like when you do X”, at least your partner will understand that the thing is important to you.

Fighting also enhances the relationship mentally.

We learn they are a separate individual.


After being with someone for a long time, we think they know us, they understand us and most importantly, they are comfortable around us. But it is believed that, when we fight, we actually come to know that we were living in a different world.

Arguments add more things to the relationship, like…

For once, try to put yourself in the shoes of your partner.

Nothing will be solved if you don’t listen to their perspective. One has to understand that his/her view isn’t the universal truth, there are many more alternative perspectives. If you are open-minded, you could collect their views. Try and understand, the major motto is that both of you must be happy and for this, it is important to see things from each other’s point of view.

It is important to move on from the arguments.

Because remember, there is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love!


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