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With the rat race that 21st century has made us a part of, we humans have absolutely skipped the part to take care of our health and fitness. Mortality rates decreasing, obesity increasing and the youth only wanting to eat all sorts of junk, how do we even expect this generation to remain healthy and fit?

Apart from this, even those who are actually a bit concerned about their health and fitness are too busy, and it’s not their fault, in competing with this harsh world. But how long will this last? It’s time that we start valuing out lives and doing the needful.

A lot of times, health related issues are not taken seriously until and unless they reach a life-altering stage. We lose tracks of our medical history, what diseases we might inherit as a heredity, our daily diet and exercises. There are so many other factors that need to be considered and taken care of. And ultimately, who are we doing it for? Ourselves, right? There is nothing to look forward to if your life is at stake!

Here, I bring to you seven careless mistakes you make and the solutions to avoid them.

Not taking the early symptoms seriously!

While living in the 21st century, we have all become so busy and careless about things that matter, that taking important things like health seriously have taken a back seat in our lives. Who really has the time to notice those early symptoms and consider them for a checkup?


With every wrong that we ever feel with our body, we must make sure that we visit our doctor and get it checked without a fail.

Delay in contacting doctors

Haven’t we all thought this, “Cold and cough, eh! It’ll go away if I just make it through another day!”. With this attitude, we all often fall into self-induced traps, just because we’re too busy to go to a doctor!

 Solution – Now doctors are just a click away

With medical Apps on your phone, finding doctors is no big deal and we’ll be talking about one such amazing place to find them later in the article.

Waiting for appointments with doctors

Waiting for your appointment date to come, a lot of times wastes some precious time of a patient. This might be lethal for their health.

Solution – Consults doctor on the go

Now reach out to doctors and show your reports as well as take their inputs over just a call! Reaching out to doctors was never this easy.
Wait until we tell you what we are up to!

Losing track of family healthy records and losing their medical history

With everything now in the run of modernizing why not, medical records and documents as well? A person at max can take care of his own medical records and documents but how does one take care of the medical history and documents of his entire family?

Wasting time in finding older prescriptions

Majority of the times, we switch from one doctor to another depending on our medical needs. A new doctor would always ask for your older prescriptions, to understand your medical history and other health-related aspects before proceeding with a new treatment. But how do you keep a track of all your older prescriptions?

Solution – Store it all confidentially

You can now store all your prescriptions and medical data on this app confidentially. Only you will decide who gets access to your private information. Doesn’t this simplify things by many folds?

Not completing your course  of complete medication

It’s a very common issue that once we start feeling better and recovering from a health issue or disease, our seriousness towards taking the prescribed medicines on time reduces. Not just that, a lot of times, we even stop taking the medicines, altogether. This can pose serious health threats to us. What do we do?

 Solution – Get reminders

The experts will follow up with you depending on your progress reports and make sure, you don’t miss out or skip on the necessary doses.

How to be healthy everyday

A  lot of times what happens is that, we as an individual wish to take care of a our health and do the needful but do not know from where to start! And by this we drop the entire idea of exercising and eating healthy. We have a solution for this too.

Solution – Get insights on how to be healthy in day to day life

Now, you can get everyday insights, tips and suggestions on what to eat, when to exercise and how to exercise, here at MedCords which is a complete solution for patients, pharmacies, doctors and labs!



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