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Fast food is the way of life for most Americans today. With time constraints and other priorities take over their lifestyle, and people are left with little option to wait in queue or cook up a healthy meal. Subs/sandwiches, burritos or burgers are the best available options that are not just readily available but also work well in satiating their tongue buds and give a feeling of being full. The only thing that is sacrificed is their health!

Irrespective of what kind of fast food appeals to your taste and sensibilities, do check out the Consumer Reports’ compilation of the best and worst fast food providersmentioned herein

Do you like to grab a burger when your tummy calls out to you in the mid of the day?

The report has been compiled after an exhaustive survey of over 32,000 foodies. It has taken into consideration the most popular food offerings like burgers, subs/sandwiches, chicken, and burritos

Or, are you a burrito fan?

Or, are you rooting for McDonald’s?

Do you think Subway managed to lure people enough to make it their top choice?

This report reveals which fast food chain rules the heart of the public.

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