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In our time, we have heard a lot of love stories. Some have ended with pain and some have ended with happiness. We believe that the best type of stories are the ones which involve conflicts and grave risks. Danger keeps life interesting, it seems. Imagine a story that starts off as something and ends up as something bigger and better.

One such story that we came across also has the feels of childhood, romance, love, separation, angst, support, danger, risks and the last part….LOVE. This isn’t your average love story. And the best part is that it isn’t fictional. Hang on to your heart as we take you down this memory lane of a certain boy and girl who grew up to be something much more than any of them had ever anticipated.

Who needs a movie to end the monotony when your life is a roller coaster itself!

There was a boy from Bahal and a girl from Pilani, India.

They were classmates in a school in Haryana, a state in India. At those times, they did not have any soft corner for each other. They were just like any other classmates that we generally see. In class 10th, the boy left for coaching in Kota, Rajasthan while the girl remained in Haryana.

When the boy started his college life in SRM University Chennai and the girl went to college in Delhi, social media came into their life. Being in different cities, they kept in touch via Facebook.

Through this, they created a bond like no other.


They finally started feeling for each other and couldn’t believe the fact that they never earlier felt for each other the way they were doing then (after social media happened).

Always eager to chat with each other on the messenger and ‘like’ each other’s posts.

They connected the most when they tagged each other in posts that they couldn’t express themselves. How sweet! We have only this one thing to say for them!

Always eager to chat with each other on the messenger and ‘like’ each other’s posts.

They connected the most when they tagged each other in posts that they couldn’t express themselves. How sweet! We have only this one thing to say for them!

Soon, they exchanged phone calls and kept in touch no matter what.

There was a twist, it was this another girl in the boy’s life. But, he still couldn’t get that girl (his class 10th mate) out of his head. ‘I feel strange and warm whenever I think of her,’ he thought. He couldn’t stay with that other girl anymore.

They both hadn’t expressed how they felt about each other.

He was too stubborn and she wanted him to say the first words. This led to a lot of fights and they stopped talking.

Days went by like years and they missed each other terribly. Finally…

The boy took the first step of calling her and confessed that he had feelings for her.

A very bold step was about to be taken by the boy, keep reading!

The boy went back to Delhi where their love bloomed further.

Soon, the boy got busy in his business and the girl indirectly helped him in every way she could. The boy shifted to Indore for work and she stayed back in Delhi only to move back to her hometown.

After careful discussion amongst each other, the boy came to Haryana on a hot day in May.

Was the decision to go to Haryana easy? No! He with his buddies was knowing it well that it can get really bad with the atmosphere of honor killing already budding in the state.
When he reached, his heart was pounding and so was hers. This way they were at least in the same rhythm.

With only two pairs of clothes, the girl was ready to escape as he picked her up from her school.

They sped away to Delhi and did a court marriage followed by a union of hearts in a temple.

That 12th of May, 2015 was the most adventurous day of their life.

Before boarding their plane for Indore, they decided to call the girl’s parents to inform them.

What followed later were days and days of terror as her family believed in honor killings. Their threats were very real on the phone and that scared them even more. They were aware of this fact because before leaving, the boy looked at his parents in the eye, and said: “I may or may not come back.” These words made his parents shiver in their bones, but they were still proud of him for taking a stand.

Even after being so far away from home, they wanted the girl’s parents to agree.

After a lot of convincing, they were invited back to Haryana. They were still doubtful if they were being tricked but on the 24th of May, they still went ahead.

As it turns out, they were properly married on the 26th of May with the entire family included.

Yes, the girl’s family actually agreed to their love and this is when love defeated fear.

This is the story of Ananya and Vinay Singhal….

The two brave love birds who showed us that whatever be the age or time, it take courage to wear your heart on your sleeve and just go against all odds.


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