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Seems like our very favourite Ranveer Singh is in a serious trouble these days. What do you think, this serious trouble could be? Is he not getting new offers anymore or is he experiencing a turmoil in his love life? Is Ranveer not satisfied with his performance this year or may be Ranveer and Deepika are on the verge of breaking up? Oh my gosh! I know like that of me, even your mind is popping such thoughts, from the very moment when you came to know about the scoop of Ranveer Singh’s regular visits to Psychiatrist these days.

Coz from the moment we got to know about this ‘new routine’ of Ranveer, we were highly worried about the actor and hence, we decided to get the investigation done on what’s going on in Ranveer’s life.

And, friends, we are here with an accurate piece of information on Ranveer’s visit to a Psychiatrist and it is really very SHOCKING!

We all know that Ranveer is a bit emotional!

And when it comes to professional life, he pours in all his emotions and efforts to bring that perfection onscreen.

Even in his last flick Bajirao Mastani.

In his period film where Ranveer impressed us all with his super acting when he played the warrior Bajirao in the movie.

But this time it isn’t that easy for Ranveer to play his character in the upcoming Padmavati.

Because getting under the skin of the character he is going to play isn’t a child’s play at all.

And his upcoming film Padmavati is partially responsible for Ranveer, consulting a Psychiatrist. This isn’t it, friends, move forward to know more.

And once again Ranveer is all set to act in a period flick…

The role of the Sultan Alauddin Khilji, who was an unmerciful conqueror. This is going to be Ranveer’s first villainous character ever and get under the skin of character of Khilji was really a big deal for Ranveer. But he didn’t leave a stone unturned to adopt the mannerisms and character of Alauddin Khilji.

But while preparing for the role, Ranveer’s efforts took a toll on his mental state and this what started happening to Ranveer after the shooting of the film was done.

This is Ranveer’s look for the film. Isn’t it fierce?

After the shooting part of the film got over, Ranveer started realising a change in his behaviour towards people, which was a result of the grey shade he is playing in the film. But when things started going beyond the limits, Ranveer decided to consult a Psychiatrist to help him get out of the skin of Khilji.

Another terrific look of Ranveer from Padmavati.

“It affected his reactions and behaviour towards people. Which is why his friends advised him to get help in emerging beyond Khilji. He is going to a psychiatrist to get rid of the Khilji influences,” as told by a source to DNA.
To take a look at Shahid’s majestic look in Padmavati, move forward to the next slide.

Oh my, my!

Isn’t Shahid looking amazingly awesome in the character of Maha Rawal Ratan Singh? Shahid will be seen playing Deepika Padukone’s onscreen husband in the film.

The next slide contains breathtakingly beautiful avatar of Deepika Padukone, from the film Padmavati.

She is stunning!

We simply can’t take our eyes off her royal look here.

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