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The art of reading handwriting has been in practice since ancient times. Handwriting and signatures could reveal a lot about your personality if somebody with a keen eye were to observe. It is also under speculation whether or not writing analysis can be included as a specimen of proof under court cases. Although, it is generally a very reliable source of information regarding a person’s personality but handwriting can have minor changes due to moods or emotional states.

Another branch of handwriting analysis includes testing your signatures. A signature is a more personal method of depicting a person’s writing so it can be relied upon better. Here are some simple examples to test your signature and what it reveals about your personality.

A downward slope.

A downward slope in your sign indicates that you’re a very cautious individual, and you often weigh the risks before venturing into a new project. It could also indicate a pessimistic attitude towards life. On the other hand, an upward slope may suggest that you’re ambitious.

Only initials

When a person signs only his initials and not anything else, he is a very private person and doesn’t share much of his personal life with anyone else.


A line below your signature indicates self-importance. You may be boastful about your achievements whereas not underlining means you let your achievements speak for themselves.

Slanting towards right

If your signature slants towards the right, it means you have an outgoing or an extrovert type of personality.

Straight sign

If you sign is straight and legible, it means you’re a straightforward and a rather blunt person. To put it in another way, if your signature is easy to read, your personality is somewhat similar.

Illegible signature

On the other hand, if your signature is illegible, it could indicate two things. First is that the person might have a very sharp mind and a busy lifestyle, and secondly, the person likes to portray an aura of mystery or enigma towards all.

 Stylish signature

With a greatly styled signature, one could indicate two things. Either you are creative or belong to the creative field or two, you like to make a statement about yourself.

First and last name together

A sign with a clear first and last name indicates a good sense of personal struggles and achievements. This person won’t take anyone’s efforts for granted and often values struggle in life.

Swooping letters

If a person has big swooping letters in their signature, they appear to be very poised and confident.

A swish or flick at the end.

It indicates a creative personality of a person who is full of wisdom. It could also be noted as somebody’s drive and motivation to get ahead in life.

 A period at the end.

A period at the end of the sign indicates a shrewd businessman and a leader.

Only first name

A person who signs only the first name wants a name for himself without being linked to the family’s achievements. They are distinctive from their family and want to be recognized that way.

No dots on ‘I.’

It means you like to focus on the bigger picture in your life and you don’t.

Upward turn at the end.

A person with an upward slant at the end indicates a strong sense of optimism.

If you agree with the psychology behind these signature facts, then do share it with your friends.


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