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When it comes to exercise, most of the people overlook two of the most pivotal parts of their body– their feet. People train their upper body and core without even considering the nourishment of their feet. But we need to think about it. As it all starts from the ground up. It is our feet that serve as a foundation, so if our feet are weak, the rest of the body must compensate for the job our feet can’t do.

The stronger our feet, the stronger our foundation. So, it is very much necessary to strengthen our feet. And not to forget, strengthening our feet will help mitigate and prevent pain throughout the rest of our body.

So, look at these five effective exercises and get rid of all kinds of pain.

Feet is the most harder working part of our body.

It is the most significant contributor to our overall health. So it is necessary to understand the importance of feet and its massive impact.

Well, taking adequate care of feet can help in preventing pain.

It is necessary to take care of the two primary pillars, feet, so as to avoid back, hip and knee pain.

Hence, here are a few exercises that will help you in relieving pain.

Toe Pressing

Toe pressing is an effective method to warm the feet. For toe pressing, bend your knees while standing and grip the floor with the toes. Maintain this position for three seconds. After you release, repeat the process 10 times.

Toe Walking

Toe walking is an exceptional method to add strength to the muscles of the toes. Start with standing on your tiptoes and then walk for 20–30 seconds. Stop before it aches. Take a rest and then repeat the exercise 3 – 5 times.

 Resisted Flexion

This exercise engages small and large muscles of the foot and adds strength to these muscles.

Steps to perform:

Sit in a way that your legs and feet are straightened out. Take a chair and wrap exercise band around it. The other end of the band should be wrapped on your feet. Now slide backwards and see the tension occurring in the band. Bend the feet backwards and hold on for about 5 to 8 seconds. Relax and then repeat bending.

 Top Pencil Pickups

The simplest of all exercise as it requires only a pencil. Start by standing upright with a pencil close to your feet. Grab the pencil with the help of toes and raise it as high as possible. Hold on for 10 seconds and drop the pencil. Repeat five times with each of the foot.

These exercises will work like a charm only if you are regular.

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