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“Some relations are made in heaven and rest on the earth.”

This quote comes to my mind when I see love birds Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani together. The couple simply refuses to reduce the hotness and cuteness quotient for their fans when they are together. A long time ago, the duo was rumoured to be in a relationship, and they defied all the questions and reveries about it, for obvious reasons of course.

But, after spending so much time together, it looks as if now they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Today, we have come up with a shocking news and also a revelation on what Tiger’s parents have to say about his relationship with Disha.

But before we go into details, let’s take a look at their journey so far.

Do you know when Disha and Tiger came together for the first time?

The duo came together for the first time in a music video, and their chemistry impressed the audiences a lot.

Do you know in which movie is the couple going to be seen together?

The duo will be seen together in Baaghi 2 which will be released next year. But before being in the headlines for the movie, the duo hit the news for their live-in relationship rumour.

Read further to know what Jackie said about Tiger’s relationship with Disha. 

As the couple has opened up about their relationship…

Both of them are seen together frequently at dinner dates, parties and public appearances. They even share images of it on their social media. Don’t believe me?
Scroll down till the end of the story, and you will find one. 

Here’s what Tiger’s mom said about the news…

If reports are to be believed, Tiger’s mother Ayesha did not entertain any news about their relationship and said that he would not be moving out anytime soon.

To know the complete scene, read further…

Yes, the couple is rumoured to move in.

Recently, Disha purchased a new house and it has been reported that Tiger is going to move in with her. Let’s see what Daddy Shroff has to say about the news.

Jackie said that…

According to Dainik Bhaskar, Jackie told in an interview that Tiger has not yet discussed anything about the matter with him.

Let’s see what additions Jackie made to his statements…

Jackie has faith in his son.

Jackie reported that he doesn’t think the couple has any plans of staying together. Even if they have, he approved of it by mentioning that it is his son’s personal life. But, he showed his faith in Tiger and said that nothing of that sort is going to happen.

Let’s hope to hear something from the lovebirds.

We hope the duo comes up with their plans and announces them to us soon.

This picture was taken after the wrap of Baaghi 2.

That’s all, people.

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