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The job scenario in America has had a difficult few years; yet in the middle of this financial down-turn some positions are enabling the middle class to take benefit of their growth opportunities. Some of these jobs are pretty known and some aren’t known. But none the less, these are the 10 best jobs in the US currently. Check them out:

1. Biomedical Engineer

A biomedical engineer creates artificial organs and prosthetic limbs, creates formulations for drugs, checks biological data; produce pharmaceuticals, amongst other things. Biomedical engineering is not just among the best jobs in the US but one of the top productive engineering jobs with highly adaptable positions that range in hospitals, universities, labs and other such places. The medium pay is $79,500, while the top job goes as high as $124,000. Biomedical engineering job growth in the US is predicted for 61.7%.

2. Financial Adviser

financial adviser affords clients with guidance related to savings, investments, insurances and taxes choices that can help with their economic sustainability and growth. Job as a financial adviser is expected to be one of the top 10 most promising jobs in the US with a middle salary of $90,200, while the highest position pays an unbelievable $206,000 yearly salary, making it one of the highest paid careers in America. Job growth is expected for 32.1%.

3. Market Research Analyst

A market analyst studies market trends and designs, tries to find, exactly what and how much consumers will want the product. To arrive at certain estimation, market research analysts send direct surveys and work with multiple data. An analyst plays an essential role in the evolution of new products and their position is observed across nearly all the industries. The medium salary is $63,100, while the top job is paid with $97,700. Job growth is estimated for 41.2%.

4. Database Administrator

A database administrator supervises, collects and manages company’s data that is linked to market, trends, customers and more. Not only is this a top developing career in the US, but the position demands higher pay than many other tech jobs. The medium salary is $87,200, while the top job pays $122,000. Job growth is estimated for 30.6%.

5. Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associates control procedures as well as results of medical/clinical examinations to ensure that proper protocols are complied. It’s among the best jobs in the US at the present moment. As this career has improved, today there are many forms of clinical examinations, making it one of the most progressive careers in our generation. CRAs can work in specific areas or cover a large area. The growth in this field is very strong, estimated for 36.4%, as clinical examinations are needed increasingly to ensure that medical tools and drugs are working accurately. The middle pay is $90,700, while the top pay is up to $129,000.

6. Software Architect

A software architect can build important and genuine programs as well as translate plans into actions. Being a vital connection between the management and the tech unit, a software architect helps to create and develop the computer system of a company. The middle salary is $119,000, while the highest position pays up to $162,000. Job growth is expected to rise 24.6% each year.

7. Marketing Consultant

A great number of companies employ marketing consultants to create projects that familiarize their customers with their products. What makes this work relevant to companies is the capacity of a marketing consultant to just “sell” their product or service and earn more money. Marketing consultant middle salary is $92,100, while the highest position pays up to $208,000. Job growth is predicted for 41.2% which is precisely what makes, Marketing Consultant one of the best jobs in the US.

8. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist supports people who are experiencing physical illness or injuries. They create and tailor special exercise plans for patients to recover physical functionality. The middle pay is $76,700, while the highest position pays $99,000 and this career’s growth is predicted for 39%.

9. Software Developer

What software developers do are definitely shapes the crucial part of our high-tech world that we live in today. Which is exactly why it ranks in our list of top 10 best jobs in the US. Software developers make variety of computer coding that directs technological processes; these include from investigation, writing, design, experiment to final product launch. As we progress into an advanced technological age, more and more software developers are wanted to fill these open jobs offer. The middle pay for a software engineering is $84,200, while the highest position pays $121,000. Software developer careers raised has recently been predicted as 24.6%.

10. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists encourage people to do easy and complex everyday activities such as putting on shoes or getting up from the bed. People, who want a career as occupational therapists also work with OCD children at schools, help with their progress, confidence and evolution. They also support students to socialize more efficiently. The middle pay is $74,900, while the highest position pays $102,000. Occupational Therapist job raised in the US is last projected as 33.5%.


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