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Dalai Lama once said, Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

Couldn’t agree more!

Do you know our everyday doings mark a serious impact on our health? Yes, they do, and that is why our ingenious ancestors had forged some iron-fisted activities to our daily schedule. In those activities, one can consider the tradition of doing Namaz or Salat.

Apart from religious factor, our ancestors had realized different benefits of doing Namaz. They had considered it as one of the best ways of focusing on health and mind.

Want to know those advantages? Start churning through the story.

The Ritual Of Washing Hands And Feet Before Namaz Has Something To Offer

There is a ritual that you have to wash your hands and feet before going for Namaz. People prefer to do Namaz five times a day, certainly wiping off germs and bacteria every time they put their feet and hands under the tap.

Standing Posture Of Namaz Enhances Proper Blood Flow

The standing posture of Manama is called Yam, which regulates the blood in the lower body portion. This also helps in maintaining the strength of the muscles, especially of the legs

Namaz Has Relation With Yoga

We all know how Yoga is important for our body and mind. The postures people make while doing Namaz somehow connect with the postures made in some Yoga Asanas.

Namaz Promotes Meditation

It is true that a person should do meditation for at least ten minutes a day. This enhances the thinking process and gives strength to the mind. By doing Namaz, you allow yourself to dive in the luxuries of meditation

Get Rid Of Arthritis

The positions in Namaz give a boost to the flexibility of the body and slash down the stiffness. This posture of Namaz reduces the pain in the muscles, hence, giving you relief from arthritis pain.

Forward Bending Position Of Namaz Cures Constipation

This posture is really great for your lower vertebral column. It also helps in exerting abdominal pressure, hence, giving comfort to constipation and peristaltic movements.

Sajdah Gifts You With Eternal Benefits

The position of bending and touching your forehead to the ground is known as Sajdah. This perfect position helps you in keeping your spine straight and erect. It is also helpful in the appropriate working of brain, lungs, and joints

Salam Posture Provides Enrichment To The Nerves Of The Neck

This posture refreshes and eliminates the chances of a headache or a migraine. This gives relaxation to the shoulder and upper back muscles.


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